Swine Equipment

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Glass-Pac can work with you to design the entire equipment package for your Farrow to Finish facility.  Building design, Ventilation and Heating requirements, Animal housing needs, Feed production and storage, Feed delivery systems as well as Watering systems.



Ventilation and Heating

With Fancom chimney technology and Glass-Pac wall exhaust fans, custom designed air inlet systems and state of the art FANCOM control systems, you can sit down with us and develop the package of equipment which suits both the pigs needs and your budget.





Animal Housing

Since 1993 we have worked with the German company WEDA to make available the highest quality of Housing equipment possible. 

Breeding Stalls, Gestation equipment, Farrowing floors and equipment, Nursery housing systems and equipment for your Finishing facility.


In the ever changing world of pig production, it is imperative we offer the most recent developments in pig housing to conform with production codes of practice as they evolve.





Feed Production and Storage

Glass-Pac manufactures and distributes equipment to produce dry or liquid feed for your pigs. We manufacture SST Hammer Mills, Tumble Mixers and rigid augers.  We stock corrosion resistant fiberglass feed silos to store your incoming feed components or your finished rations.  Whether you want your pigs eating dry feed or liquid feed, we can offer a package to meet your needs.





Feed Delivery Systems

Glass-Pac supplies a full range of both dry feed delivery systems and liquid feed delivery systems.  Recognizing that feed is your biggest input cost, we focus on working with you to deliver the best possible product for ensuring your pigs have fresh feed available as required to maximize daily gains.


Dry feeding systems include augers and chain drives to deliver feed to different types of Wet/Dry feeders.  We offer Roxell products as well as WEDA products to put together the complete feed delivery system for producers choosing to feed their pigs dry feed.


Liquid feeding systems are supplied from WEDA who is recognized as the world leader in this field. Glass-Pac and WEDA have a 25-year history of working together to deliver liquid feeding systems. In fact, our first liquid feed system installed from WEDA to a producer in Ontario in 1993, continues to run at this moment, and feeds 2200 pigs daily.  With systems across Canada and in several states in the USA, the ability to service and maintain the many systems we have installed is a top priority.





Watering Systems

As part of a typical swine equipment installation, we can offer the complete water supply package to your pigs.  From the incoming pipe from your well, though filters and medicators, to the nipples, bowls or troughs your pigs drink from, we can assist with your plumbing requirements.