Poultry Equipment

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Glass-Pac can work with you to design and equip your Poultry facility.  Manufacturing our own Ventilation equipment and working as a distributor for the leading suppliers of production equipment, we have solutions for all types of poultry production.  Our direct sales approach allows us to understand your needs and offer a competitive price.  Using our own installers, we can control the installation and make sure you end up with a system that works for you.  Our service team are available 7 days a week to ensure you have the support you require.



Ventilation and Heating

With Fancom chimney technology and Glass-Pac wall exhaust fans, custom designed air inlet systems and state of the art Fancom control systems, you can sit down with us and develop the package of equipment which suits both your birds needs and your budget.





Feeding Systems

Glass-Pac has a 30-year history representing the company ROXELL from Belgium.  As a global supplier of feeding equipment for poultry producers, ROXELL offers the most innovative designs in feeders available to producers today.





Watering Systems

With our long association with ROXELL we can offer several types of watering systems for your birds.  We also have worked with the German company Lubing for many years.  Both ROXELL and LUBING are recognized as global leaders in the production of watering systems for Poultry.


As part of a typical equipment installation, we can offer the complete plumbing package.  From the incoming pipe from your well, through filters and medicators, to the watering system for your birds, to the flush systems you require, we can assist with your plumbing needs.





Layer Housing

As Canada begins the move to meet the animal welfare requirements put in place in 2017, Glass-Pac has a solution for those producers building or retooling barns for egg production.  As the Canadian distributor for the USA manufacturer SALMET, we can offer enriched housing which meets these new requirements.  With the product being produced in the USA, we can make sure our customers have access to short lead times, North American electrical components and support.





Nesting Systems

Glass-Pac is well known as a supplier of complete systems for Broiler/Breeder producers.  With our in-house Ventilation Systems, ROXELL feeding equipment and Lubing watering systems, we complete the package with several nest and egg collection options.  With access to Shenandoah, VanGent and Cumberland, we can offer and install the system you feel best meets your needs.