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The back bone of our company has always been the design and installation of Ventilation and Heating Systems for Livestock.  Since 1984, the products we offer have evolved from an exhaust fan controlled by a single stage thermostat to incredibly smart, remotely controlled computers which measure temperature, humidity, CO2 and ammonia.  We listen for coughs, we weigh animals to ensure they are healthy and growing, we monitor and alarm if climate is not within the acceptable range.  At Glass-Pac we recognize that proper management of the environment can have a major impact on the ability for your animals to grow and thus your profitability.



Fiberglass Exhaust Fans

For more than 30 years we have been building fiberglass fans at our plant in St. Jacobs, Ontario.


Our fiberglass housings and high-quality energy efficient motors allow our customers years of trouble free operation.  In fact, Glass-Pac fans have set the standard for exhaust fans industry wide.





Air Inlet Systems

The most important component of livestock ventilation systems is the design and control of the incoming air stream.  It is critical to allow all animals in the building equal access to fresh oxygen in order for these animals to achieve their genetic potential.


Accordingly, we manufacture and design our air inlet systems on a per job basis, to ensure your animals the best possible environment to allow maximum daily gains.





Control Equipment

In order to provide our customers the highest level of climate control and management technology, we have teamed up with the Dutch company FANCOM.  We are recognized as one of two distributors in North America purchasing directly from FANCOM.


FANCOM is a world leader in the Livestock Ventilation equipment field.  For 20 years Glass-Pac has represented this product line across Canada.  We work closely with FANCOM to bring new European technology that is applicable to our market, directly to our Canadian customers. The connection with FANCOM allows our customers access to their new and innovative ideas for climate control and data management systems.


Most important to this combination of FANCOM and Glass-Pac is our installation and service staff.


Glass-Pac works closely with local electricians to install the equipment properly.  We teach our customers how to use the equipment and offer 24 hour / 7 day a week after sale service.


With this approach, our customers have the information they need to produce as efficiently as possible.






To allow for proper Ventilation rates in our often-cold Canadian climate, it is necessary to add supplemental heat at some times.  We can offer you heat loss calculations and inform you on options to look after these needs.


We offer many solutions from various sources, Hot Water heating systems from ITB in Holland, as well as Reventa in Germany.

Radiant Tube heating systems from Brant Radiant in Ontario.


Direct fired Box Heaters from Hired Hand in the USA.


We also offer energy saving air to air Heat Exchangers, also from ITB in Holland.


Working with Glass-Pac you can feel confident we understand your needs and will work with you to make sure the environment in your livestock building will grow healthy animals 12 months of the year.






As typical summer temperatures continue to increase, we have seen much more use of cooling technology.  Most common is Evaporative Cooling.  We can offer these systems from several suppliers including Hired Hand and Roxell.  Evaporative cooling in Ontario is becoming common and has proven to be helpful in reducing the temperature of the incoming air stream on extremely hot days.